Green Card Condition Removed Despite Divorce and Lack of Joint Documents

He obtained his conditional green card through his wife’s petition but shortly thereafter he went to the Philippines to be with his ailing mom. When he returned several months later she was no longer in his apartment and left no word as to her whereabouts.

When he filed his I-751 to remove his green card condition he was already divorced so he requested a waiver of the joint filing requirement. But there was a problem. He could not submit important joint documents such as tax returns, credit card statements, or utility bills and he only had a couple of photos with her. The USCIS sent a request for more evidence but he could not comply. He was asked to appear for an interview and was told again to bring additional documents to prove that his marriage was in good faith. He went for his interview but the officer dismissed him when he could not submit additional evidence. Nevertheless, his waiver request was granted and his green card condition was removed.


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