Client Reviews

Top notch and thorough!

My case was handled successfully and expeditiously. Consultation alone was so reassuring that it took a load off my hysterically confused mind… I am easily panicked by fancy legalese and Atty Seguritan is definitely the lawyer I needed to explain, fix and conclude all that confusion for me.

5 Stars5 / 5
- Sophia, New York

We are blessed to have chosen you as our lawyer. We initially consulted with a law firm in California but we were not satisfied. You analyzed our case with a great deal of knowledge and professional expertise and you were compassionate to us. For this our family will be forever indebted to you.

5 Stars5 / 5
- Joel and Sheril, Bangkok, Thailand

You answered promptly all my calls, attorney and I could even contact you after office hours. I am very satisfied.

5 Stars5 / 5
- Josefino G., Florida

Thank you for your great help and effort on my I-140 approval. I really appreciate it.

4 Stars4 / 5
- Soojin, South Korea

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