Family-based Visas

1. K-1 Visa Under Scrutiny

2. Fiancé(e) Visa for Same-Sex Couples

3. Adjustment of Status for Children of Fiancé(e) Visa Holders

4. Fiancé’s Eligibility to Adjust Status After Divorce

5. Consular Scrutiny on Spouse and Fiancé(e) Petitions

6. Adjustment of Status for Fiance(e) and Children

7. Revocation of Approved Visa Petitions

8. Entering the U.S. Under a Different Name

9. Petitioning an Illegitimate Child

10. Dealing with the NVC When Processing Visa Abroad

11. Petitioning A Fiancé(e)

12. Sham Marriages Cannot be Source of Benefits

13. Pointers In Petitioning A Relative

14. Filing for US Citizenship while I-751 is Pending

15. Conversion of Family-Based Petitions and Retention of Priority Dates

16. Green Card Revocable Even During I-751 Process

17. Conditional Green Card May Be Terminated Due to Fraud

18. Trump’s Immigration Plan Would Hurt Economy

19. Investigating Marriage Fraud

20. Mandatory Adjustment Interviews May Cause Processing Delays

21. Filing I-751 Waiver Based on Abuse

22. Bill To Cut Immigration By Half Faces Stiff Opposition

23. Bringing Adopted Child to the US

24. Consular Scrutiny on Spouse and Fiancé(e) Petitions

25. Border Inspection of Electronic Devices

26. Rights of LPRs When Returning from Travel Abroad

27. Increased Scrutiny Could Lead to Visa Denials and Delays

28. Fiancé’s Eligibility to Adjust Status After Divorce

29. New Affidavit of Support Policy Simplifies Visa Processing

30. Communicating with the national visa center

31. Immigration Fees to Increase Effective Dec. 23

32. Filing for adjustment even if visa not immediately available

33. GOP platform has bad news for immigrants

34. Expanded provisional waiver to benefit thousands

35. Preparing for marriage-based immigration interview

36. Tips on how to apply for war veterans parole

37. Pointers for filing petition to remove green card condition

38. Visa parole for families of Filipino vets to start June 8

39. Problematic relative petitions

40. Resurrecting a revoked family petition

41. Immigrant visa waiting list is long

42. Immigration relief for those affected by severe weather

43. K-1 Visa Under Scrutiny

44. May a Derivative Beneficiary Adjust under Section 245(i)?

45. Proving Good Faith Marriage

46. Fictitious Marriage Certificate and the Marriage Fraud Bar

47. Parole Program for Families of Filipino WWII Veterans

48. Lawsuit Filed To Strike Down Revised Visa Bulletin

49. Parents’ Divorce Does Not Bar Step-parent Petition

50. Adjustment of Status May Be Filed Before Priority Date Is Current

51. When Retroactive Adoption Is Valid for Immigration Purposes

52. False Claim to Citizenship Bars Adjustment of Status

53. Inadmissibility Waived due to Hardship of Filipino Mother

54. Applicants may Benefit from CSPA despite Late Filing

55. Conversion to another Preference Category

56. New Policy to Reunite Filipino War Veterans with Family

57. Adjustment of Status for Accompanying Derivative Beneficiaries

58. Charging Another Country’s Quota if Visa Number is Unavailable

59. Getting a Green Card Despite Petitioner’s Death

60. Overcoming Finding of Prior Marriage Fraud

61. Good Moral Character Requirement to Cancel Removal

62. Fiancé(e) Visa for Same-Sex Couples

63. Philippines is 2nd in Number of Immigrant Visa Applicants

64. What To Do If Your Immigration Case Is Denied

65. Visa Processing Fee Changes Take Effect September 12

66. When False Citizenship Claim May Be Excused

67. Allowed to Keep Green Card Despite Fraud

68. Late Filing for CSPA Benefit May Be Excused

69. Atty Gen. Reports on Benefits to Same-Sex Married Couples

70. Supreme Court Rules Against Aged-Out Beneficiaries

71. Changes in Provisional Waiver Adjudication

72. Adjustment of Status of Fiancé(e) After Divorce

73. Inadmissibility Waived Despite Fake Philippine Passport

74. Disproving Marriage Fraud

75. Green Card Is Possible Despite Petitioner’s Death

76. Adjustment of Status of 245(i) Derivative Beneficiary

77. Employment Authorization for Abuse Victims

78. Risk of Prolonged Travel Abroad

79. Supreme Court to Rule on CSPA Priority Date Retention

80. Parole for Military Family Members

81. USCIS Expedites Processing of Relative Petitions

82. Adjustment of Status for Children of Fiancé(e) Visa Holders

83. Prior Mother’s Sham Marriage Does Not Bar Stepchild Petition

84. Adjustment of Status Granted Despite Gap In Lawful Status

83. Documenting I-751 Petition To Remove Green Card Condition

84. Sham Marriages and the Adjustment Interview

85. USCIS Issues New Guidance on Same-Sex Marriage

86. What To Do If Sponsor’s Income Is Insufficient

87. Great News for Spouse and Children of Green Card Holders

88. File Waiver If You Entered Under Different Name

89. USCIS Requests for More Evidence Raise Concern

90. Major Changes in Family Immigration Proposed in Senate Bill

91. Immigrant Visa Issued Despite Drug Use

92. Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver FAQ

93. New Waiver Rule Shortens Family Separation

94. Immigration through Adoption

95. USCIS Urged to Facilitate Grant of Benefits to Surviving Relatives

96. Republican Bill to Give Temporary Visa to Families of LPRs

97. Aged-Out Beneficiaries Win in Latest CSPA Ruling

98. Waiver of Joint Filing Requirement when Divorce is Pending

99. Immigrant Visa Processing at a U.S. Consulate Abroad

100. Restriction on Adjustment of Status of Fiancé

101. Abandonment of LPR Status Due to Trips Abroad

102. Under CSPA Child Must File Adjustment Within 1 Year

103. Visa Refusal under 221(g) May be Overcome

104. Same-Sex Marriages under Immigration Law

105. Abused Spouses and Children Have a Path to Green Card

106. Adjustment Applicant with Advance Parole Not Inadmissible

107. Hardship Standard for Cancellation of Removal

108. Eligibility for Adjustment of Status

109. Reporting Immigration-Related Discrimination

110. Proposed Waiver Rule Expected to Benefit Thousands

111. Opting-Out to Prevent Longer Wait for Visa

112. False Biographic Information Has Serious Consequences

113. Bill Eases Green Card Wait for Some Countries

114. Income Requirements for the Affidavit of Support

115. What to Do When a Family Petition is Denied

116. Abandonment of Permanent Resident Status

117. October 28 Deadline for Filing Widow’s Self-Petition

118. Preparing for a Marriage-Based Green Card Interview

119. Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Aged-Out Alien

120. Priority Date Retention Denied in CSPA Lawsuit

121. Humanitarian Reinstatement of a Revoked Family Petition

122. Effect of Travel on Pending Immigration Applications

123. Crackdown on Immigration Scams

124. Determining Age of Child Under CSPA

125. Switching Jobs Amidst the Visa Retrogression

126. Single Card for Employment and Travel of Adjustment Applicants

127. Processing Adjustment Cases Affected by Retrogression

128. Notice Required Before Termination of Visa Registration

129. New Public Charge Rule Could Limit Immigration

130. Changes to Immigrant Visa Services in Manila

131. Immigrant Visa Waiting List Grows By Over 1 Million

132. Retrogression in Philippine Family Preferences

133. Recent CSPA Decision Favors Aged-Out Children

134. Proving Extreme Hardship to Waive Inadmissibility

135. New USCIS Fees Are Unreasonably High

136. Requirements for Grandfathering Spouse Under Section 245(i)

137. Consular Processing of Immigrant Visa

138. Aliens With Invalid Green Cards Allowed to File for Waiver

139. Visa for Returning Residents

140. Family Preference Cut-off Dates Rapidly Move Up

141. Enforceability of Affidavit of Support

142. Adjudicating Adjustment Applications of Surviving Relatives

143. Accrual of Unlawful Presence

144. Using A False Identity To Enter the U.S.

145. New Report Shows A Very Long Wait for Green Card

146. Don’t Be A Victim of Immigration Fraud

147. Obtaining Green Card Through Self-Petition

148. Green Card Through Adoption