Generally, anybody wishing to become a US citizen must meet the following requirements:

  1. 1) Age: He or she should be at least 18 years old to apply in his or her own behalf;
  2. 2) Presence: He or she must be physically present in the US at the time of the application;
  3. Complying with Residence Requirement for Naturalization
  4. 3) Permanent Resident: Only those who have been legally admitted to the US as Permanent Residents are eligible;
  5. 4) Time Requirement: The applicant must have continuously resided in the US for at least five years and must have been   physically present in the US for at least half of that period (30 months). Applicants must reside continuously in the state or the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) district three months immediately before the filing of the application. The applicant must reside continuously in the US after the filing and until admission to citizenship;
  6. 5) Good Moral Character:  An applicant must demonstrate, during all the five years before filing an application and until being sworn in as citizen, that he or she has maintained good moral character, believes in the principles of the US Constitution, and will not disturb the good order of the United States;
  7. Proving Good Moral Character for Naturalization
  8. 6) Basic English Literacy and Knowledge of US History and Government:  Basic ability to speak, read and write English is a requirement. Applicants must also possess basic knowledge of US history and US government
  9. English Literacy and Knowledge of History
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