Articles About Deportation

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  17. Widespread Opposition to Trump’s Order on Immigration
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  29. Who Will Benefit From Obama’s Immigration Plan?
  30. Obama Unveils Immigration Plan; GOP Vows To Fight It
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  32. Ways to Avoid Deportation
  33. Undocumented Immigrants May Now Join the Military
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  36. Immigration Reform Still Possible This Year
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  38. Obama Urged to Stop Deportations
  39. Criminal Convictions That Can Result in Deportation
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  43. A Giant Step Towards Immigration Reform
  44. Comprehensive Immigration Reform Likely to Pass Next Year
  45. Lawsuit by ICE Agents is Latest in Anti-Immigrant Attacks
  46. Ruling on Arizona Law Underscores Need for Immigration Reform
  47. Work Authorization and Temporary Relief for Undocumented Children
  48. Renting Apartment to Undocumented Immigrant not a Crime
  49. Deportation Relief Denied for Lack of Good Moral Character
  50. Hardship Standard for Cancellation of Removal
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  54. New Policy of Easing Deportation Unevenly Applied
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  56. New Policy is Not Amnesty but Fewer Will Be Deported
  57. Immigration Authorities Must Exercise Discretion