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Client Reviews

Atty. Reuben Seguritan was very supportive and did an impressive job from the whole process of my immigrant visa application processing. He explained everything to me concisely during my DS-260 online application. He was also a great adviser. He is highly recommendable to other clients.

5 Stars5 / 5
- Amelia

You can trust atty. Ruben seguritan, he’s a very good lawyer, never promise you but he’ll do his best to your case., I got my greencard because of him. Thank you so much atty. For all the help you provided.

5 Stars5 / 5


- Edith

During the whole process of my immigrant visa petition, i was completely satisfied with the legal advise of our immigration lawyer. He was very efficient in all aspects of the process of the application until the time it was approved. All documents were clearly checked and well prepared and represented. The communication with all parties were well coordinated for smooth implementation and compliance of all the guidelines given.

5 Stars5 / 5


- Noel

Atty Seguritan is very positive and supportive from the very start. He is very calm, knowledgeable and knows exactly what we need to do. I was impressed that my father’s petition was reinstated based on humanitarian grounds. It was approved. Right now we are working on my sponsorship for my sisters and their family to come here in the U.S.

5 Stars5 / 5
- Lea